Zika Virus – symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Zika Virus – Everything you need to know.

zika virus
Zika Virus

After the attack of Ebola virus, there is a new disease spreading around the world. Zika virus is so deadly to individuals that the World Health Organization has declared a Global Emergency on Zika Virus.

The Zika virus has spread among many other American countries including Brazil and is expected to spread to other countries of the world by those coming from these countries. Let us learn about Zika Virus and its complete information about infection.

Apart from India’s Jaipur, this virus has spread even in 86 countries. The news of the spread of Zika virus before Jaipur had come from Ahmedabad. But now the people of Jaipur are under strict supervision and the Health Ministry has also been alerted about this virus.

Now it is time that you should also know about this Zika virus, after all, what is spreading it and what is causing it. Also know here that what are the symptoms and treatment of Zika virus.

What is Zika Virus ?

Zika virus spreads through the mosquito of Aedes species just like dengue fever. The first case of Zika virus was detected in Uganda in 1947. After this, it has been found to have very few cases for decades, due to that researchers have not taken it seriously. But after 2013, and particularly in 2015 many of these cases came to light and a large Brazilian population began to get into it.

How does Zika Virus spreads ?

This virus spreads by mosquitoes like dengue, malaria and chickengunia. This is a type of aedes mosquito, which is active in the day. If the mosquito bites an infected person, in which the virus is present in the blood, it can cut the virus by spreading it to another person.

In addition to mosquitoes virus spreads through unsafe physical connection and infected blood. If a person comes back from the place affected by the virus, then he should take special care. If such a person has fever, then he should immediately tell the health department and test him.

What is the history of Zika Virus ?

It is related to the zika forest of Africa. From where in 1947 the scientists of the African Virus Research Institute brought rhesus monkeys to research on yellow fever. The fever that was tested in this  monkey (langur) and the infected component was given the name of that forest Zika.

After 7 years, this virus was detected in a Nigerian person in 1954. Most cases of this virus were first seen in Africa and Asia outside in 2007. And now 22 cases of Zika Virus have been reported in Jaipur in Rajasthan in 2018.

The Symptoms of Zika Virus ?

Many people infected with Zika virus do not feel ill. But its common symptoms are similar to dengue fever. Such as fatigue, fever, red eyes, joints pain, headache and red rash on the body.

What is the threat from the Zika virus ?

The Zika virus is not deadly but due to this, pregnant women are very at risk. This virus is so dangerous that if a pregnant woman is affected with it, then the child who is in the womb can also have this fever.

Because of this, the development of the child’s head can stop and it becomes a permanent problem. Due to the Zika virus, the defect of under undeveloped and small size of brain in children is called Microcephaly. And Vertical Transmission of this infections can also spread.

Vertically transmitted infection can cause skin rashes or stains, jaundice, liver related diseases, blindness, brain sickness, autism, difficulty hearing, and many times a child’s death. At the same time, the virus in adults can cause Gullian-Barre syndrome, in which the body’s immune system attacks nerves, because of this it may cause partial paralysis in body and many problems in the body begin.

Diagnosis of Zika Virus :

Just as dengue and chikungunya are investigated, it is similar to that of Zika virus. It can be detected by the blood test. If a person has come from an affected country or place and shows a fever or any other symptoms, then it should be examined immediately.

Treatment of Zika Virus :

* According to the health department, no injection or medication has been invented to fight with virus as yet. The sufferer should completely rest, drink a lot of water, take the usual medication of fever.

* When infected with the virus, you should protect yourself from mosquito bites, otherwise this virus can reach mosquitoes to other people. Rescue from mosquitoes of the victim is very important.

Note: When fever comes, do not take drugs like Aspirin, Brufen should not be taken at all.

Tips for Pregnant Women :

Pregnant women living in other countries have been advised not to go to other countries affected by this virus. Pregnant women living in areas affected by this virus should take care of the following:

* Protect yourself from bites of mosquitoes.

* At night, mosquito nets should be used while sleeping and mosquito bites should be avoided.

* If mosquito bites show signs of headache, light fever, red eyes, joints pain, then consult a doctor immediately.

* If pregnancy is not confirmed then for some days the plan of pregnancy should be avoided.

Pregnant women should do their best to avoid mosquitoes because the Virus causes the most damage to the brain of the children born in their womb.

There is no vaccine for this virus, nor is there any treatment. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is given to give relief to those suffering from this infection.

Prevention’s to avoid Zika Virus ?

To avoid the mosquito spreading the virus. There are the same remedies that you have come to avoid dengue. Use of mosquito nets, do not allow water to stay, cleanliness around, wearing whole cloth in mosquito area, using mosquito kill items.



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