What is Prolapsed Disc (slip disc)- Cause,Symptoms

Slip Disc explained in the Simplest way.

Prolapsed Disc
Prolapsed Disc

The cases of a herniated disc or slip disc are becoming very common these days. Similarly, many times we hear from someone that I have got a slipped disc or somebody say that my doctor has said that you have got a prolapsed disc. And we remain in the confusion that what prolapsed disc exactly is?

Prolapsed Disc

Our backbone is made up of 33 small bones and these bones are called vertebral bodies. There is a jelly-like structure found in between every two corresponding bones. Which acts as a shock absorber in between these bones. Along with it, it helps our spine to move in all directions.

This Jelly like pouch is called intervertebral disc or IVD. There is a big nerve in the back side of our backbone which is called spinal cord. From the spinal cord, at the level of each vertebral body, two small nerves come out one on each side. One in the left side and other on the right side. These nerves supply to the parts of the body on the left and right side. So that we can feel the sensation of that part and also perform the action of that part.

But sometimes due to an accident or some injury or maybe some other reason. These intervertebral discs slip from their position and start to press the nerve passing from nearby. So this condition is called slip disc.

Common causes of Herniated disc (slip Disc)?

The common reasons for a prolapsed disc or slip disc are seen as.

Accident or an Injury or Trauma to the Disc:

The first one and most important is some accident or an injury or trauma to the disc or spinal cord. So the chances of occurring prolapsed disc or herniated disc increase a lot.

Prolonged Sitting:

The other reason includes jobs of prolonged sitting or if there is much traveling then also prolong sitting may increase the chances of slip disc due to excessive sitting.


Apart from that obesity is also a major reason seen in the cases of slip disc and leads to increase the chances of occurrence of slip disc.

Common Symptoms of a Prolapsed Disc (slip disc):

The common symptoms found in the problem of slip disc are:


The first one and most important is the pain. It may be in the back or in one leg or both legs.

Numbness and Tingling:

The second and important symptom commonly seen is numbness and tingling. Sometimes it may be in the back or in one leg or both legs or in any specific part of the leg. Sometimes the numbness is felt and sometimes tingling is also there. Which may be regular or intermittent.

Paraesthesia or Lack of Sensation:

The third and most important symptom is paraesthesia. There maybe paraesthesia or lack of sensation in the back or one leg or both legs continuously. and on touching feeling of less sensation while touching.

So these were the common symptoms of slip disc which are commonly seen in patients of slip disc.

Treatment of Prolapsed Disc(Slip Disc):


Along with this, we will see that what treatment options are available for the treatment of slip disc. so the first treatment to be provided is rest. if someone suffering from slip disc first time then it may take from one month to three months for complete recovery. And doctors advise you complete bed rest for this. And then this nerve gets healed itself.


Along with it, the other treatment option is physiotherapy. Which is a very good treatment. In that treatment, good doctors help the patient in relieving his pain with the help of different modalities. and also help recover his/her day to day activities.

Lifestyle Changes:

The third treatment approach is Lifestyle changes. in this part, the patient is advised to adopt specific Lifestyle changes which he has to follow. And due to following them the chances of recurrence of slip disc reduces very much.

Spinal Surgery:

As the last resort if the condition is not improving by any means. Then spinal surgery or spinal decompression surgery is advised by the surgeon or neurosurgeon. And in that, the excess part or prolapsed part of a disk is removed by surgery and decompression is done there and after that, your condition will recover fully.

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