Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies

urinary tract infection home remedies
urinary tract infection home remedies

Burning  urination  and  or  pain  is a  common  problem  in  our  life. In  today’s  post,  we  will  see urinary  tract  infection  home remedies  which  give  great  result in  burning  urination  and  painful urination.

 Why Does Urinary Tract Infection Occur?

Generally, this problem can happen in any season but the chances increases in the summer season. because the temperature outside is quite high during the summers.

In this season if you eat things with spicy and hot nature then our body cannot digest that properly. Therefore it leads to pain and burning in urine.

There may be some more reasons for burning urination sometimes like any urine infection or some other disease.

There are many more reasons for burning urination as I told you that infection plays a major role in burning urine.

And these infections are called urinary tract infections or UTI’s.

When the levels of acid in urine increases then it causes a burning sensation while passing urine.

Lack of personal hygiene and care is also a reason for UTI.

So if you suffer from the problem of burning urination then you should take extra care of personal hygiene.

Sometimes you may feel burning urination due to insufficient water intake. So take less food and more liquids in summer.

Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies:

You can get relief from burning urination very easily with the help of home remedies. One of this kind is bottle gourd juice.

You can prepare it at home and it is the best remedy to cure burning urination.

Bottle Gourd For Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies :

So let’s know how to prepare bottle gourd juice to get relief from Burning urination and pain.

Just take a bottle gourd and make a few pieces of it. now add a few leaves of mint and cilantro in it.

Now grind all these three ingredients in a mixture and make juice of it.

Now add a few drops of lemon in it after putting it into a utensil. Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants in rich amount.

So you will get relief from burning urination. Now add few pinches of black Himalayan salt or Kala Namak as per your taste.

Now keep the juice in the refrigerator for cooling. After a few minutes drink the juice sip by sip slowly.

One thing you must remember that do not drink this juice empty stomach and you should have it after breakfast.

So friends with this amazing drink of the bottle gourd you can get rid of burning urination problem very fast.

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