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Today we are talking about the problem of piles. Furthermore those who are suffering from piles know it very well. Constipation is a major responsible factor for piles. So in present post i will reveal you a very simple home remedy to relieve constipation. and get rid of problem of piles.

Its exceptionally effective. So if you are also struggling with issue of constipation then read this article till end. Today we are going to discuss about a simple home remedy this remedy is known as GOND KATIRA OR TRAGACANTH GUM.

Instructions to prepare :

So let’s begin and i will demonstrate you how to prepare this very effective piles home remedy at home easily.

You can easily get this gum from any grocery store without much effort. Now what you need to do is, simply make small pieces of it and soak just 5-10 gms. gum in a glass of water overnight. In the time of soaking it you can keep it in refrigerator also. This gum will expand up till morning.

TRAGACANTH Gum contains rich sources of fibers and protein and folic acid.  Folic acid soothes the wounds and relives pain. After soaking it overnight eat  in morning empty stomach.

You can easily eat it. It has  no taste. So you can include it in milkshake or you can add it in a juice or you can eat it raw. Since it has much fibers it has great water holding capacity.That’s the reason it works well as natural stools softner and soothes the condition of piles pleasently.

Alongside this Tragacanth Gum has coolant properties for stomach and intestine too. So it chills off heat and acidity in our stomach and intestine.

So if you use this magical gum in daily plan. Then you will get great results from the day you start it. And it begins working from day 1 only.

So try this magical remedy and definitely you will get AMAZING outcome.

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