How To Treat Piles(Haemorrhoid)- Symptoms,Treatment

How to treat piles(haemorrhoid)

how to treat piles
how to treat piles

Know how to treat piles(haemorrhoid) in today’s article, with detailed description like symptoms and best available treatments also. Piles is also called hemorrhoid in medical science.

You will be surprised to know that approx. 4.5% peoples around the world have suffered from piles.

Till the age of 50 years almost every person suffers from piles once in lifetime.

Problem of piles can be found from the age of 2 years to 60+ years. And its quite common in every age group. Females are little more affected with this problem.

Few people get recovered earlier and others have to suffer for a long time. And even in our country also 10 million new cases reaches to hospitals for treatment along with old cases. Therefor this figure indicate that the problem is quite big.

What is piles(haemorrhoid) :

There are small blood vessel found inside and outside of anus. Which supply blood to anal area. When around these vessels there is increased pressure and it remains for a long time.

It leads to swelling in these blood vessels and sometimes these vessels tend to get loose. These vessels form a bunch of vessels and whenever you passes stools it causes rubbing over these vessels.

Which leads to pain in these vessels and this problem is called piles.

These is no pain in the beginning of these bunches of vessels. Later on due to constant rubbing. It starts paining and sometimes along with bleeding.

Which is due to bursting to these vessels. When there is regular bleeding in this condition it is called haemorrhoid.

Types of piles:

There are two types of piles

1. Internal Piles

2. External Piles

In internal piles bunches develop inside anus and in external piles these develop on the anal ring or slight outside of anal ring. And appear’s as a small lump or boil.

Therefore in both types of piles pain is a common symptom. In few people internal hemorrhoids enlarges so much, that they come out of anus with stools. This condition is very painful. So if you suffer from any of these symptoms like

Symptoms of piles(haemorrhoid) :

1. Itching in anus

2. Pain or lump like swelling around anal ring

3. Tingling in anal ring

4. Pain while passing stool

5. Bleeding while passing stools

6. Prolapse of anus while passing stool which needs to be pushed back by hand

7. Mucus discharge after passing stools

These symptoms are commonly seen as symptoms of piles .So if you suffer from any one of these symptoms. Then this article can definitely help you. So read this video till end.

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Causes responsible for the problem of piles are:

1. Chronic constipation as the most important one

2. Constipation during pregnancy is also a common reason found in females

3. Drinking less water in a day

4. Avoid the urge of passing stools

5. Taking less fibers in diet  and having spicy food, more tea or coffee and eating more things made with cake flour/ maida.

6. Prolong sitting on a seat is also found as a common reason

7. Sometime its also found as a hereditary.

Treatment of Piles(haemorrhoid) :

Doctors use three way approach to treat piles(haemorrhoid)

1. Medical treatment which includes some local applicants and few stools softner’s. Local applicants should be applied before passing stools to have easy bowel movement

2. Diet managenent and avoiding spicy foods. And increasing fiber and green vegetables in diet increasing fiber and green vegetables in diet. Which help in removing constipation and softer stools and bowel movements and body starts recovering.

3. Lifestyle changes and these are the most important like

A. Getup from your seat after every 15-20 minutes

B.Drinking 3-4 ltrs. water in a day

C. Regular walk and light exercises to avoid developing constipation again

4. Specialized laser surgery –  Along with these treatments if there is no relief.

Then hemorrhoides are removed by specialized laser surgery

5. Along with these treatments as alternative treatment method. I have shown some very effective acupressure points in the video.

These points are very effective and within just 7-10 days, you will get much relief in piles condition.

You just have to press these points as shown in video for just 1-2 min. twice daily. Drink sufficient water through out day. So that your body can easily flush out toxins from it.

so friends i would advise you to practice these points along with medical treatment in daily life routine. And with in 7-10 days you will start getting good results and feel much easy

Friends i hope you will get benefited with this information. Give your suggestions and comments in comment box below.


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