How To Make Immunity Booster Drink On The Go

How To Make Immunity Booster Drink On The Go
Immunity Booster Drink

To fight against any disease the key factor is our body immunity. today we will see how to make immunity booster drink on the go. In this period of isolation, when all of us are at home, we all have a concern about how we can boost our immunity.

So that we can avoid any kind of viral infection and also protect our family from any kind of infection.

How To Improve Immunity:


Two things are very important to improve immunity. The first one is regular exercise and the second one is diet.

That we are all now at home, so we can take such a diet which gives a strong boost to our immunity. And also improve our digestion. So today I am going to tell you a healthy drink that will not only improve your digestion.

Because we are unable to walk much due to our stay at home, there is a lot of chance due to the upset of the digestion. That is why I tell you a drink that not only will improve your design as well as help a lot in improving immunity.

How To Make Immunity Booster Drink On The Go:

How To Make Immunity Booster Drink On The Go
Immunity Booster Drink

All you need to do is take three to four oranges and peel them well and put them in a mixer. Add one or two carrots to it and grind it well. And now mix some amount of milk in it.

This will make you very tasty and rich in vitamin C. If you add some Apple slices to this smoothie, then its test will also be improved and its nutritional value will also increase.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B Six are found in abundance in this smoothie. As well as the benefits of potassium and folic acid, this smoothie also provides you.

Benefits Of Immunity Booster Drink:

It is very beneficial to drink this smoothie to boost immunity while improving your digestion in your isolation period. You must try this smoothie so that it can keep your design good and at the same time it will help you a lot to boost your immunity.

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