How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin – For Free at Home

Step by Step instructions to Get Rid Of Oily Skin – in only 2 min.

how to get rid of oily skin
oily skin

If your skin is oily and you are tired of using different kinds of skin care products. Then know how to get rid of oily skin in just 2 min. at home.

In today’s article i have brought a very effective, economic solution for your oily skin.

So stay with us till the end of this article.

If your skin type is oily. And makeup gets wasted before reaching to party. Then the perfect solution for your problem is ICE CUBE THERAPY. You should ice cube therapy for it.

Benefits of Ice Cube Therapy :

You can use ice cube therapy anywhere and in any season. And this will bring Shine to your face. After using this cool soothing ice cube therapy. You will use it again and again.

A. Ice cube therapy helps in closing the open pores in the skin.

B. It prevents excessive perspiration and dust do not enter into these open pores.

C. It refresh the skin and glowing.

D. Ice cube therapy helps in clearing the spots of face.

How to use Ice Cube Therapy :

One thing you should remember that, you should apply ice cube on entire face not just on a single area. You should also apply it on neck.

1. If you apply ice on face and neck, 5 minutes, before going to have facial makeup. Then makeup last long.

2. Ice cube therapy can be used before other beauty treatments also.

Like applying ice cubes before threading. Many people face much pain during threading. If you are also among these people. Then you should use ice cube therapy. It will prevent pain during threading.

3. Apply ice on eyebrows and around the eyes before going for threading.

After applying ice eye brows will get dry. After 15 minutes then you should go for threading. You will feel much less pain during threading.

4. If your eyebrows get red after having threading or waxing. Then you should apply ice cube on that particular area.

5. Ice cube therapy is also used to reduce the wrinkles of face.

Ice Cube Therapy to Enhance Beauty :

Ice cube therapy increases blood circulation on face and enhances blood flow to it. It also causes the cells and muscles to relax and freeze in shape. It also helps in reducing the aging marks and wrinkles.

For better results freeze the fruit juice in the shape of ice cubes and apply these ice cubes on face.

6. If you are tired of using face care products available in market for spots on the face and dark circles are still a problem. Then bye-bye these products today and start ice cube therapy.

The best thing is it that it is effective and safe.

For best result to remove spots on face. You should freeze cucumber pieces and rose water in shape of ice cubes. And apply these cubes on face. It will remove all the dark spots within few days only.

7. The problem of pimples is quite high in summers. Sometimes it causes redness on face also. Applying ice on face relieves this problem very effectively.

Few Home Remedies as Bonus :

For best results boil few leaves of neem and, then freeze this water in the form of ice cubes. Apply these ice cubes over pimples. It will stop enhancing these pimples and clear the pimple marks.

Give your suggestions and comments below.

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