How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Easy Face Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin

double chin
double chin

In this post we will know how to get rid of double chin. Double Chin is a kind of problem which can affect our physical appearance a lot. And many times those people who have this problem they feel lack of confidence also.

Friends whenever we talk about double chin. It is said that, it is found in fatty people. Or it is said that whenever fat in the body increases. Then the fat increases on the face also. And due to increase in the fat on face. The problem of double chin occurs. But it is not completely true. And this problem is found in thin people also.

Why Does Double Chin Appear ?

The common reasons for double chin are :

1. Ageing –

When the age progresses. The elasticity of skin reduces and the skin which covers Chin and throat start sagging due to weakness and double chin formation occurs.

2. Weakness Of Throat Muscles –

Next and most important factor which most of the people don’t know about is that, to cover chin and throat there is a muscle which is called platysma muscle. this muscle helps our face bringing down and also covers important structures of throat. When these muscles gets weak, then it can be seen as sagging in the outer part of throat. And it plays an important role in double chin formation.

 3. Obesity –

It is a common and well known factor, which we all know very well. In which your diet contains, large amount of high calorie and processed food items. And due to that fat increases and double chin formation occurs.

4. Family History-

In many people this problem is found genetic. Many times the weakness of Platysma muscle is genetic. that’s why double chin can also be found in young and slim people also.

Best Treatment Options To Get Rid Of Double Chin Are:

For the treatment of double chin good doctors uses three way approach.

1. Weight Reduction & Dietary Changes

In This method many important changes are made to your diet like incorporating those items less in your diet which contain high amount of saturated fats, trans fats and sugar. you should not include these item in your diet much.

Because saturated fat increases blood cholesterol in our body. And creates blockage in our blood vessels. And this blockage leads to deposition of fat in multiple areas of body. Double chin is also one of them. which leads to double chin formation later on.

So you should not have more than 10 % saturated fat in your diet. Along with this you should completely avoid trans fat in your diet, which is richly found in cookies chips french fries and item like these. Along with this you should add more fibrous substances in your diet. And try to achieve weight reduction goal, if you are overweight.

2. Specific Exercises

Next approach reaches the goal, by doing strengthening of weak muscles with specific exercises. and this method is safe and effective. And related to this method, I am going to tell you few specific exercises today in this video.

3. Surgical Correction & Chin Reconstruction

In third approach surgery for chin re-construction is used to cure double chin. People who are beauty conscious like media celebrities or high profile people. They opt this treatment option more. And in this method for chin reconstruction, liposuction or the method of removing fat out from chin is used as a popular method.

Exercises to get rid of double chin:

Exercise No.1

Sit straight on a chair comfortably. Open your mouth slightly and make your tongue touch your ceiling of mouth. Now press the ceiling with the tongue. now hold the pressure for 5 second. Continuously press the ceiling of mouth with tongue.

Now bring the tongue down. repeat the process again for 8 to 10 times twice daily. With the help of this exercise strengthening of chin and throat muscles occurs. And you can get benefit in the problem of double chin very fast. And the double chin starts reducing fast.

Exercise No.2

Take a ball as shown in the video. And place it between chin and chest. Press the ball by moving your chin downward slightly. And now release slowly. If you are not able to get proper size ball. You can use neck slimmer also. It is a specially designed device to reduce double chin. Do this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily.

Exercise No.3

Sit straight as earlier on the chair. Bend your head backward and look at the ceiling. Now open your mouth in the shape of O by keeping your lips slightly tight. Maintain this position for 5 second. Release the lips and close the mouth and come back to starting position. This exercise helps in stretching the muscles of chin and throat. Do this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily.

Exercise No. 4

Sit on the chair as earlier. Now slowly open your mouth and bring your tongue out and downwards. And pull it down slightly. Now bring back the tongue into mouth and close the mouth.

Repeat the same process as earlier slowly. Do this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily. This exercise helps in reducing double chin very fast.

Exercise no.5

Sit straight as earlier on the chair. Now contract the muscles of your neck as shown in the video slowly down words. Hold this contraction for 5 seconds and release slowly.

now repeat the same process again. this exercise strengthen the muscles of neck, specially Platysma muscle. And double chin start reducing very fast. Do this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily.

These exercises are very effective. Add these exercise to your daily exercise routine. And you will see a fair difference in your double chin with in just 7 to 10 days.

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