Get Vitamins From Your Tea Or Coffee

Vitamin Tea Or Coffee
Vitamin Tea Or Coffee

We consume a lot of tea and coffee to get a dose of activeness or to keep our body warm throughout the day. But today I will tell you how can we get vitamins from your tea or coffee. Along with this tea and coffee, you can get lots of minerals too.

And this tea and coffee not only cause to increase in acidity. Rather, this tea and coffee become a healthy and nutritious drink. So today, I am going to tell you about it.

How To Get Vitamins From Your Tea Or Coffee:

To Get vitamins from your tea or coffee easily what we need is just some special ingredients. We add some special ingredients to our tea or coffee. So our tea and coffee not only work to reduce acidity. It also serves as a healthy and nutritious drink. So let’s start.

The Ingredients We Add To Get vitamins From Your Tea Or Coffee Are:

1. Cinnamon Powder:


Cinnamon powder is also called Dalchini powder in Hindi. Dalchini or Cinnamon powder is a normal ingredient in our kitchen. And it is very easy to find in our kitchen.  Cinnamon or Dalchini has been used as a spice in our kitchens for years.

And it also has medicinal benefits. There are also lots of protective compounds present inside the cinnamon. And at the same time, it is the best among all the antioxidants found.

The most anti-oxidant compounds are found inside cinnamon. Which not only helps in rejuvenating our body as well as delaying the aging process. And our body always stays young.

At the same time, some such elements are found in the cinnamon to boost and protect the heart. So that heart health is improved. Along with this anti-cancerous compounds are also found in cinnamon. Which helps us a lot in protection from cancer.

How to Add Cinnamon To Tea Or Coffee:

So whenever you have tea or coffee throughout the day. If you add half a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Your tea is converted into a nutritional drink. And it is very beneficial for your health.

2. Ginger:

The second important element is Ginger. As we know that we also use ginger to cure the problem of sore throat in winter. At the same time, you will also be surprised to know that muscle relaxant compounds are found inside the ginger. which works to remove muscle fatigue in our bodies.

Along with this, anti-inflammatory properties are also found in ginger. Which makes it very effective in removing any kind of inflammation in our body. In addition, ginger also has cholesterol-lowering properties and improves digestion.

Because of which ginger is a very helpful element in improving overall health. Anyway, we use ginger in tea in the winter.

But you can also add it to your coffee. And by adding ginger to the coffee, your coffee will be converted into a healthy and nutritional coffee. You can also add Ginger in your coffee and enhance its beneficial properties.

3. Mushrooms:


The third important health element is Mushrooms. A combination of tea or coffee with mushrooms is not common. But ever since more research is being done on the health benefit of mushrooms.

Since then, doctors advise mushrooms to add to your different help preparations. Mushrooms have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of which it is very helpful to prevent any kind of viral infection.

And at the same time, it is helpful in boosting the immune system of our body. Along with this, anti-oxidant properties are also found in mushrooms. Because of which it is also very helpful in slowing down the aging process in our body.

In addition, anticancer properties are also found in mushrooms. In any type of problem-related to the liver, the mushroom acts like a very helpful element.

And it is also very helpful to prevent liver disease. At the same time, it is also very helpful to improve our health by improving digestion in our bodies. So now you can make mushroom powder to add mushrooms to your tea or coffee.

Or you can get ready-made mushroom powder from the market. If you add two to three pinches of mushroom powder to your tea or coffee. So your coffee or tea gets converted into a healthy health drink. And you also get the benefits of mushrooms from your tea and coffee.

4. Turmeric:


The next helpful element is Turmeric. Generally, we know about turmeric that it should be drunk by adding it to milk. But you will be happy to know that.

If you add turmeric to your tea or coffee also. Even then it remains equally beneficial. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are found inside the turmeric. Because of this, it is very effective in any kind of joint pain or muscular pains that occur in the body.

Along with this, turmeric also acts as a very good antiseptic. This turmeric is also very helpful in repairing the natural wear and tear in our bodies. You will also be surprised to know that turmeric is also very beneficial for our heart.

And at the same time, the properties of Turmeric have also been known to cure the patient of depression. So now patients of depression are being treated very effectively with it.

If you add turmeric powder to your tea or coffee. Along with the rest of the health benefits, it helps cure mood swings or mood changes, along with depression. It also helps in fighting depression.

I just told you about these 4 elements. Adding them to your tea and coffee is also very easy. You have to add only a few pinches to these elements in your tea or coffee. Which will not only increase your tea or coffee taste.

At the same time, there will be an improvement in his health benefits. And your tea or coffee will not only become a source of acidity. Rather, every single sip of your tea and coffee will also provide you health benefits.

Try out these solutions once. And you must share your experience with me. You can also tell these experience s by writing in the comment section.

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