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Fix Lower Back Pain Instantly with Lower Back Pain Stretches

Back Pain
Back Pain

Fix your lower back pain with simple and effective exercises for lower back pain. Furthermore in today’s busy lifestyle backache has become a very common problem. And in the modern working Lifestyle, whether it is office or home. Problem of backache has been increasing day by day.

But many times you have seen that, people who are absolutely fine just one or two days before suffered back ache due to lifting some heavy object or by pushing some heavy object or some time just getting up while after having a bath or even lifting objects while forward bending and having just a sneeze.

They suddenly suffer acute back ache and that person get almost fix in that posture. and feels unable not to move forward or not to get straight. this condition is called acute back ache or acute low back pain. In indigenous language it is called by various names in different parts of country.

It becomes more problematic when with acute backache it causes deviation or side bend towards one side of body. And affected person is unable to stand straight even after wishing for it.

You probably have heard many people say that they suffer from this problem once or twice in a year. it is called acute back ache or acute back ache with lateral shift in language of Medical Science.

So in today’s post I will show you few simple but very effective exercises to relieve back pain.

Causes For Acute Lower Back Pain:

Before starting exercises for lower back pain let us just understand why does it occur ? low back or acute low back pain occurs in either right or left side of back. or sometimes it occur in both sides also. but it is found more in one side only.

There are mainly two reasons for acute back ache which are the seen commonly:

1. First reason is spinal nerve compression or a nerve which is get pinched while coming out from back bone. which causes the affected person to deviate towards the painful side.

If bend is on the same side it is called ipsilateral side and if the person deviated opposite from the pain side. then it is called contralateral side.

2. The other important reason which is seen generally is development of excessive contraction in our back muscles. Which is called muscle spasm in medical terminology. Lower Back Pain is also seen due to this reason very commonly. And this may causes deviation to any side also.

Side bending along with lower back pain is considered as an early warning sign of slip disc also. So if you suffer from it repeatedly. Then you should not take it lightly. you should get diagnosed properly and get proper treatment. and these were the main reasons which causes low back pain with lateral shift.

So now I will tell you how to do exercises for lower back pain relief.

Exercise No. 1

Lie down comfortably on your bed or Floor or exercise mat. Now bend one knee comfortably towards your chest while grabbing the knee with both hands. After reaching to chest now release knee slowly. Now bring it to starting position.

Do the same exercise in other leg. Do this exercise in alternative legs like first in one leg then another. Then again come to first leg and then another leg. Do this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily.

Exercise No. 2

In the next exercise you will need a Physioball. You just sit comfortably on a gym ball. Put your left or right hand on the waist opposite to the side of side bend. And now push the hand and the waste with hand slowly as shown in the video as a slight glide.

This gliding movement reduces tightness in the muscles. And the alignment of backbone restore. and you will get relief in back pain very fast.

Exercise No. 3

Stand parallel to the Wall one feet apart. Keep the bended side towards wall while standings. Now place left or right whatever hand is applicable as shown in the video on the waist. and push the waist towards wall by releasing all the muscles of back slowly as shown in the video.

Hold this position for 5 seconds. And then come back to starting position where you have started. repeat the same exercise next time. Do this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily.

Exercise No. 4

You should start next and fourth exercise only when you are comfortable with earlier 3 exercises. Just sit in quadripod position as shown in the video. Now stretch alternative hand and leg. like left hand and right leg as shown in the video. Bring them to starting position. and repeat the same process with other hand and leg like right hand and left leg.

This exercise helps in correcting deviation of body towards one side. Along with it, it reduces back pain very fast.

Exercise No. 5

Just lie down on the floor as earlier. Now which side has more bending keep that side downwards in side lying position as shown in the video. you should lie with the help of elbow as shown in the video.

Now lift your body upside ground to 5-6 inches. Keep your other hand on the other side of waste as shown in the video. Press down the waist with the hand gently. This exercise correct alignment of body and correct deviation of body very fast.

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