Exercise For Piles ( Haemorrhoid) – Effective and Fast

Exercise For Piles ( Haemorrhoid) – Revive Piles Easily

exercise for piles
exercise for piles

In the present post we will talk about very powerful exercise for piles (haemorrhoid).

Today I will demonstrate to you how you can fix your piles with the assistance of couple of exceptionally compelling activities.

These activities are demonstrated in the treatment of piles or haemorrhoid.

Wether the piles or haemorrhoid is internal or external. These exercises are equally effective in both he conditions.

These exercises give amazing results in both types of people. Those who want to avoid surgery, and other those, who have recently underwent their surgery for piles or haemorrhoid.

These exercises prevent the re-occurance of piles in patients, who have already done with their piles surgery.

So friends those people who are suffering from piles and, their doctor has suggested for surgery.

Or those who have recently underwent their surgery for piles. For both of these people these are really effective.

So i will suggest you to read this post till end.

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Piles Home Remedy – Results In Just 1 Day

So friends lets start. And i will show you how to do very effective exercise for piles.

Exercise No.1

Just lie down on floor, and bend your knees slightly as shown. Now contract your anus muscles towards inside and release them gently.

Those who have recently done with their surgery. They should start this exercise very slowly and comfortably.

Other people can do it on normal pace. Slowly contract anus muscles inside with in pain free range and release them gently.

In this first stage do it in 8-10 repetitions and do it twice daily

Exercise No.2

In the second stage of this exercise. Contract and release anus muscles slightly fast in a rhythm, and increase the frequency of exercise. Slight faster contactions and release.

If you feel any pain during this exercise. Then kindly reduce the pace of exercise as per your comfort.

Exercise No.3

In the third stage of this exercise. We will do it like, contract anus muscles, and now hold this contraction for 5 sec. And now release them slowly.

Repeat this rhythm like contact – hold- release. Do it in 8- 10 repetitions as earlier.

So this kegel exercise for piles gets completed in three stages. First in slow pace,  second on slight increased pace, and third on increased pace with hold. Do this exercise twice daily in 8-10 reps only.

This exercise is effective for both type of patients. Specially those who have already done with surgery. It prevents reoccurance of piles in after surgery patients.

So start practicing this kegel exercise for haemorrhoids as per your comfort level. And progress for stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3.

You will experience these exercises are really effective in curing and reviving the problem of piles.

I hope, those who are thinking about getting operated for piles. They will definitely try these exercise to revive their piles without surgery.

And those who have operated for it. They will get great help in best recovery from surgery. So do these exercise at home for surgery free revival from piles. Give your suggestions and comments below.


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