Exercise For Diabetes Patients(Type 2)

Exercise For Diabetes Patients
Exercise For Diabetes Patients

Today we will know what is the best exercise for diabetes patients. All of us know that there is a huge role of exercise along with medicines to improve against every kind of disease.

And in many diseases, how to exercise, this pattern and type of exercise change.

                                     Exercise For Diabetes Patients:

Today, we are talking about what kind of exercise a diabetic patient should do. So that along with his medicine, he can improve his health as well as control his medicine. And their quantity of medicine should not increase.

In today’s post, I am going to talk about what kind of exercise is beneficial for the patient of diabetes. Many of us want to know about this. As I said, exercise is very beneficial for the patient of diabetes.

However, diabetic patients always feel tired. Many of these patients had also wanted to know that we always feel so tired. So, if we keep the exercise regular then our fatigue will increase even more.

And we will also find it difficult to do daily activities. So I want to tell you that this is not the case at all. Exercise is very good for the patient of diabetes.

Diabetes patients should not do all kinds of exercises. But they should do some special exercise.  Especially the exercise which is a low to medium pace workout, i.e. the exercise in which exercise intensity is not much, and exercises remain at low to medium pace. This kind of exercise is beneficial to them.

In diabetes disease, as we know that the level of fasting blood sugar should be 80 to 120 mg/dl and pp blood sugar i.e. the sugar that you take after 2 hours of eating should be from 150 to 170.

Diabetes patients who do regular exercise are very easily able to maintain this level and they can get these levels easily.

Which Exercise Is Good For The Patient Of Diabetes:

Now the question arises that Which Exercise Is Good For The Patient Of Diabetes? Walking is the best exercise for patients with diabetes. Apart from this, you can do a lot of exercises like swimming, jogging, aerobics, etc.

If someone with diabetes has pain in the joints also, and they have difficulty in walking. Cycling is a great exercise for such patients. And if the weather is favorable then swimming is also a great exercise.

How Long Should A Patient Of Diabetes Exercise:

Now we were talking about how long the patients of diabetes should exercise. If diabetes patients walk, they must walk for at least 30 minutes.

And try that they can do this walk at least 5 days a week and if they are able to do this walk daily then it is even better.

Exercise For Quick Control Of High Blood Sugar:

At the same time, I would also like to mention that in patients whose blood sugar remains very high, if a little strength training or weight training is added along with low to medium pace exercise.

So there is a very quick benefit in controlling their blood sugar level and reducing their blood sugar. Because the breakdown of sugar in high-intensity exercise or weight training exercises occurs very quickly, due to which the levels of blood sugar in the body are quickly controlled.

Exercise For Weight Training For Diabetics:

The next question is, what kind of exercise can diabetes patients do for weight training. Which exercises are beneficial for them?

Theraband exercises are very beneficial for diabetes patients for strength training in which you develop resistance in the exercise with the help of Theraband.

And because of this, the sugar breaks down in the muscles, and the blood sugar levels in the body are also under control.

Along with this, free weight exercises in which you can use any type of object available in the house as a weight. Like you can use a water bottle as a free weight.

Apart from this, free weights are also available in the market. You can also tie the weight cuffs on your wrist or ankle and develop resistance with them and perform exercises.

These exercises are also very helpful in controlling the blood sugar level in patients with diabetes.

When Should Diabetes Patients  Exercise:

The next question is very important and it is often asked when diabetes patients should exercise. So I would like to say that the best time to exercise for diabetic patients is after 2 hours of eating.

Because at this time the levels of blood sugar in their body are controlled. And at this time, the chance of low blood sugar, which is also known as hypoglycemia due to exercise, is very less.

So exercising for 2 hours after eating food is very helpful for them.

Can Diabetes Patients  Exercise In The Morning?

Apart from this, a question is also often asked whether diabetes patients can exercise in the morning. Exercise in the morning is also beneficial for diabetes patients.

But you must keep in mind that if you sweat a lot due to the weather or because of your exercise. So you try to eat two or three biscuits or one snack for half an hour before exercising.

Because of this, the condition of low blood sugar caused by exercise in your body will not develop.

Diet For Diabetes Patients:

Along with developing a regular exercise routine, diabetes patients should take the maximum amount of fiber in their food.

This also helps in controlling the amount of blood sugar in their body, along with this, the amount of fiber proves to be very beneficial for keeping the other systems of the body healthy.

Therefore, along with medicines and exercises, the diet also plays an important role.


I have told you about diabetes-related exercise. I hope that those people who are diabetic patients will develop a regular exercise routine for themselves and will follow these small but very important things mentioned.

So that blood sugar fluctuations can be avoided in their body and people can also be able to maintain a healthy blood sugar level in their body.

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