Diet and Exercise After Hernia Surgery – What and When

Diet and Exercise After Hernia Surgery |  Do’s and Dont’s

diet and exercise after hernia surgery
diet and exercise after hernia surgery

Plan your diet and exercise after hernia surgery or hernia operation for best recovery. Many of you have asked about it. That amid the recovery time frame after medical procedure of hernia.

How to start daily routine and specially ? How to plan diet. So in today’s post i will tell you how to get best recovery by following few important  things  about diet and exercise after hernia surgery.

The most important thing No 1 :

You should remember that. You attempt your best that, you stay away from constipation. because if you suffer from constipation. Then you will need to put extra force for passing stools. therefor it can cause undue weight on the stitch line, and can cause delay in process of recovery.

The most important thing No 2 :

After surgery of hernia, the second most important thing you need to be aware. That you should not cough or sneeze frequently. Because while coughing and sneezing, it throw a sudden jerk on our abdominal wall and stitch line moreover.

Therefor it can create problem in the process of recovery. And a weak stitch may break due to that jerk. So keep very good care about it. at the time of coughing or sneezing you must put your hands over stitch line, to protect it from the effect of jerk, produced by sneezing or coughing.

Alongside you should also wear inguinal support or hernia support. This inguinal or hernia support prevents from any jerk during sitting, standing or coughing and sneezing.

Diet Tip 1 :

In the first and main week following surgery, you should take only liquid or Semi solid diet in your daily diet and consume less calories. So that you should not suffer from constipation. Apart from this if you still have the problem of constipation. Then you can have a stool softener with the advice of your physician.

Diet Tip No. 2 :

After that, starting the second week you can add solid foods to your diet. You should include a decent amount of fibers along with fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. So that you can have regular motion.

Exercise & Sports – When To Start

You can watch the video 1 where i have explain in detail that, how to start exercises for hernia. You should follow these exercises  in order as step by step so that you will get good recovery.

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Most of people have asked about sports activity and strength training. That when these activities to be begun after surgery. Mild strengthening can be achieved with the help of exercise shown in the video.

But for specific training like weight training jogging or running should be begun after three weeks of surgery. So if you have also recently been gone through medical procedure for hernia. Then you can get good recovery with the help of instructions and precautions given in this article.

To make your recovery easy and effortless. follow safety measures carefully, so that you should not get any problem during recovery process. If you like this post, then give your comments and suggestions in comment box below.

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