Diet After Gallbladder Removal

diet after gallbladder removal
diet after gallbladder removal

Today we will see important facts regarding diet after gallbladder removal. What diet you should take after gallbladder surgery or what dietary changes should you do after having gallbladder surgery. How would you start your diet after an operation?

Which things you should do and which you should not. So this post is about it. So read this post till the end to know everything in detail.

Loss Of Body Function After Gallbladder Removal:

Gallbladder surgery is also called a cholecystectomy. In this surgery, the gall bladder is completely removed out of the body. Bile is stored in the gallbladder and get concentrated in it. And then passes over to the intestine.

And the function of this bile is to digest the fat or the fat substances. Which we eat in our diet. And after this surgery, when the gallbladder is completely removed the bile is still formed in the liver. But it cannot store in the gallbladder and it passes directly to the intestine.

Due to this continuous transfer of bile into our intestine. Certain changes in our bodies occur. And our body needs some time to adapt these changes after the gallbladder surgery.

Changes In Body After Gallbladder Removal:

All the patients face this kind of problem for a few days after the surgery. You have to do such kind of changes in your diet until your body comes into the old state after a few days.

And your body again starts digesting these all kind of food elements.

Changes In Diet After Gallbladder Removal:

You should carefully follow all the dietary changes advised by your surgeon after gallbladder surgery. After gallbladder surgery, these kinds of little problems remain for around one month. And later on, the body returns to the old state. But few changes you should do are as:

Food Items To Avoid:

1. Fried foods

2. Spicy foods

3. High-fat meat

4. Avoid high-fat dairy products like ice creams, milk, butter, cheese, etc.

5. Junk foods that contain a rich amount of oils you should also avoid.

6. Along with this if you eat non-veg food, then you should also avoid meat gravies.

All these food materials are heavy to digest and your body has to do much effort to digest these kinds of items. You should also avoid such kind of food materials which causes gas formation or which increases the gas formation.

Food Items You Should Add To Diet:

Add food items to your diet which contains high fiber content Like

1. Whole grains

2. Nuts

3. Cereals

4. Legumes

You should use such kinds of food materials in the diet which contains a high amount of soluble fiber content. And it’s easily digestible like barley or oats.

Schedule Of Diet After Gallbladder Removal:

Apart from this in your dietary schedule in the first week of surgery, You should take a Semi-solid or liquid diet more liquid.

And from the second week, you can also incorporate other items in your diet also. Apart from these now one important organ is absent in the body. So you should take smaller pieces of diet.

You should take 3 to 6 small meals in a day which are easy to digest and the body does not have to do much effort to digest them. And it doesn’t force a lot of burden on the body.

Important Things To Remember Regarding Diet After Gallbladder Removal:

Along with this, you should not take spicy food to avoid stomach upset. The overall digestion and recovery alter if your stomach is upset. Aside from this, you should also remember one very important thing. Because you feel some minor changes in your body after surgery.

You should take care that you should not suffer from constipation. You can get a mild laxative after consultation with your surgeon or physician for this.

Because the condition of constipation upsets more your digestion more. And it may hamper your recovery as well.

So these were some important factors which you should remember after gallbladder surgery. So that your recovery can be fast safe and joyful.


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