Dengue Fever : Causes, symptoms and Treatments

Everything about dengue: Symptoms, Remedies and Cure

dengue fever
Aedes Mosquito

Dengue fever has spread its legs. In the beginning, this fever can be proven deadly by delay or wrong treatment. If there is a right treatment at the time, then circumstances remain in control.

How and When It Occurs :

Dengue is caused by biting the female Egyptian mosquito. These mosquitoes have streaks like leopards on their body. These mosquito bites in the day, especially in the morning. Dengue  spreads in rainy season and its immediate after months, ie July to October, because there are favorable conditions for mosquito breeding in this season. Aedes Egyptian mosquitoes do not fly very high.

How Does It Spread :

Dengue virus is very high in the blood of the patient suffering from dengue fever. When an Aede mosquito bites a patient of dengue, he sucks the blood of that patient. With blood, the dengue virus also goes into the mosquito’s body. When a mosquito with a dengue virus bites another person, then that virus gets into that person’s body, causing him to suffer from dengue virus.

When Does Disease Appear :

About 3-5 days after cutting, the symptoms of dengue fever appear in the patient. The time for the disease to grow in the body can be 3 to 10 days.

How many types of dengue :

It is of three types :

  1. Classical (simple) dengue fever
  2. Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)
  3. Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS)

Fever of dengue is the second and third of all three of these diseases. Normal dengue fever is cured of itself and there is no danger of it, but if someone has DHF or DSS and can not be treated immediately, then it can be fatal. Therefore it is most important to recognize that fever is normal dengue, is DHF or DSS.

What are the symptoms of dengue fever :

1. Simple dengue fever

2. Sudden cold fever

3. Pain in head, muscles and joints

4. Pain in the back of the eyes, which increases with the eye pressing or moving

5. Too much weakness, loss of appetite and bad taste and mood swings

6. Sore throat

7. Rash of red-pink color especially on the face, neck and chest

Classical simple dengue fever lasts for 5 to 7 days and the patient gets cured. In most cases this kind of dengue fever occurs.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) Symptoms :

1. Nose and bleeding gums

2. Bleeding or vomiting

3. Dark blue-black collar on the skin

If these symptoms also appear alongside the symptoms of classical dengue fever, then it can be severe. It can be detected from the blood test.

Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) Symptoms :

In this fever, there are some symptoms of ‘shock’ as well as some symptoms of DHF. like :

1.The patient becomes very restless and despite his high fever, his skin feels cold.

2. The patient slowly starts losing consciousness.

3. The patient’s pulse seems to be fast and sometimes slow. His blood pressure is completely low.

Note: Dengue also gets multi organ failure several times. In this, the fluid inside the cells exits. Water is stored inside the stomach. Lungs and liver have a bad effect and they stop working.

Which Test To Diagnose :

If there is a high fever, if the joints have severe pain or are rash on the body, then dengue should be tested on the first day. If there are no symptoms, but there is high fever, even after waiting for a day or two, then also consult the physician.

On suspicion, the doctor will check the dengue. Antigen Blood Test (NS1) is initially used to investigate dengue. In this test, dengue initially gets more positive, while  gradually the positivity decreases. While examining dengue, total count of white blood cells and separate count should be taken. In this test, the number of platelets is known.

Dengue tests mostly happen in all hospitals and labs. The test report comes in 24 hours. Good labs also report in two or three hours. These tests can be empty or full of stomach, how can it be done.

Role Of Platelets :

Usually, a healthy person has one and a half to two million platelets in the body. Platelets work to prevent bleeding of the body. If platelets are less than one lakh, then it can be dengue. Although it is not necessary that the person who is dengue, his platelets may be below.

If platelets are less than one lakh then the patient should be admitted to the hospital immediately. If platelets fall to 20,000 or below, platelets are needed. Dengue virus usually reduces platelets, which starts bleeding in the body.

Children In Danger :

The children’s immune system is more vulnerable and they are more open in the open so they need more attention. Parents note that children wear full clothes outside the house. Where to play, there is no dirty water around it. School administration should take care that the mosquito can not be found in schools.

Very small children can not  tell about the illness, so if the child is crying too much, constantly being asleep, restless, he has high fever, rash on the body, vomiting, or any of these symptoms then see the doctor immediately.

Treatment of dengue fever :

If the patient has a normal dengue fever then he can be treated and treated at home. With the advice of the doctor, you can take paracetamol (crosin etc.).

1. Asprin (Dispin, etc.) Do not take it at all. These may reduce platelets.

2. If the fever exceeds 102 degrees Fahrenheit, keep wet cloth on the body of the patient.

3. Continue to eat normally. The condition of the fever requires the body to eat more.

4. Let the patient relax.

Allopathy :

Its medicines are given only after seeing symptoms and after conducting blood tests of platelets. But in any kind of dengue there should not be a lack of water in the patient’s body. Give him plenty of water and other liquids (lemon water, buttermilk, coconut water etc.) so that the blood is not thickened and not frozen. Also, the patient should complete the rest. Rest is also the medicine of dengue.

Ayurveda For Dengue :

There is no patent drug in Ayurveda. But in dengue, this recipe can be adopted. In one cup of water, one teaspoon giloya juice (if its trunk is obtained, take a four-inch stick, take it from the vine, which climbs on neem tree), two black pepper, five basil leaves and ginger mixed in water.

Boil the contents and take for 5 days. If desired, add a little salt and sugar to it. Take it twice daily in the morning, after breakfast and dinner before dinner.

Precautionary Measurements :

Do not drink fresh water, do not eat flour and stale food.

-Use maximum use of turmeric, celery, ginger, asafoetida in the dining room.

In this season, do not eat leafy vegetables, Arabs, cauliflower.

– Eat hot food, which can easily digest.

– Take good sleep, drink plenty of water and boil water and drink.

Do not eat mermaid spices and fried food, eat less than hunger, do not eat stomach. Drink water, Drink buttermilk, coconut water, lemonade, etc.

Revival From Dengue :

Eat good, drink good and sleep well. Use more turmeric in the dining room. Take half a spoonful of turmeric with water or half a teaspoon of turmeric with a glass of milk in the morning. But if you have cold or cough etc. do not take milk. Then you can take turmeric with water.

Mix the juice of eight or ten basil leaves with honey, or boil 10 basil leaves of basil in water, when it remains half then drink that water. Drink plenty of things rich in vitamin C, such as: you can take one or two amla, orange . It keeps our immune system right.

Do Not Try Yourself :

Do not self medicate any anti-biotic or any other medication on your own. If there is high fever is then go to the doctor and take medicine with his advice only. In these days only fever can take paracetamol. Do not take any medicines even though there is minor coughs.

How to Avoid Dengue :

There are two ways to avoid dengue. Prevent  Aedes mosquitoes from being born. Avoiding the bites of Aedes mosquitoes.

Measures to prevent mosquitoes from being born :

You should not store water around the house or office, fill the pits with soil. Clean the blocked drains. If it is not possible to stop the accumulation of water, then pour petrol or kerosene oil in it.

-clean all the room coolers, once a week, and pots of water for birds completely empty, dry them and then fill them out. Do not keep broken bits, tires, utensils, bottles etc. in the house. If kept, keep reverse.

– Dengue mosquitoes flourish in clean water, so keep the tank water well closed. If possible, stop mosquitoes from coming home by putting a fine net on windows and doors. Use mosquito nets, spray, mats  etc. to kill mosquitoes. It is a useful domestic remedy to remove mosquito from Guggul’s smoke.

Spraying mosquito nets once a week in all places inside the home. Spread this medicines behind photo-frames, curtains, calendars etc. and at the house store-room and all corners. Tie a garment on your face and nose while spraying the medicine. Along with this, cover all things to eat and drink.

Prevention  from mosquito bites –

Wearing such clothes, covering more and more part of the body. This caution is especially important for children. Children should not wear nickers and T-shirts in the malaria season. Apply anti-mosquito  cream on skin.

If someone has dengue, keep it inside mosquito nets, so that the mosquito can not bites it and does not spread the disease in others.



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