Cure Umbilical Hernia without Surgery – Best Exercises

umbilical hernia
umbilical hernia
CURE Umbilical Hernia without Surgery SUCCESSFULLY.
Umbilical hernia is commonly found in males and females both.  The rate in males is just 20% and in females it is 80%.


Main muscle which support our abdomen from front side is called Rectus Abdominis muscle. It is made of two parts left part and right part. These parts are joined together in between with connective tissue.

During pregnancy when the weight of uterus increase. It puts the pressure on abdominal wall for long time. This increased weight sometimes causes breaks the connective from in between. When these two parts get separated and splitted. This presentation is called diastasis recti or separation of abdominal muscles.

Why Does Umbilical Hernia Occur ?

Because of the split of these abdominal muscles. Sometimes a hole is generated in between these two muscles. Then the intestinal content protrudes from this hole. This condition is called umbilical hernia.

In most of the cases this hernia remains painless. It appears slowly through belly button as small swelling. Sometimes it is seen above or down side of the belly button.

In males it occurs due to lifting up weight with wrong posture. Also in those people who have poor abdominal muscles due to their overweight. Alongside this, if somebody has suffered from prolonged cough for a long time.

He may also have umbilical hernia, because of the jerk put on abdominal wall while coughing.

In females it is commonly seen during pregnancy or after pregnancy both.  Most important reason behind umbilical hernia occurring after pregnancy, whether this is a normal delivery or cesarean delivery, is not wearing of abdominal support.

Sometimes doctors do not advise it also. But this abdominal support should be weared.

Those people who have recently underwent their hernia operation. They should also wear abdominal support compulsorily. Because it helps our abdominal muscles in recovery. And the recovery increases very fast.

Those people who do not include regular exercises during their pregnancy or before their pregnancy regularly they are more prone to this condition.

How can You Revive Umbilical Hernia :

BEST Exercises To Revive Umbilical Hernia Fast –

Exercise no. 1

Start with Lie down on floor or mat. Bend your knees slightly. Now place your hands across the abdomen on opposite sites. And push these parts with hands towards center.  Now lift your head slightly forward.

You will observe a contraction in your abdominal muscles. Hold for 5 second here and gradually bring your head down. complete this exercise in 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily.

Exercise No. 2

Lie down on the floor as earlier. Slightly bend your knees. Take a small towel and double wrap it. Now place this towel under your back. Slowly and gradually bring your pelvis towards inside by curling in.

Now tighten your belly muscles gradually and while doing this press the towel vertically down with your back. When you will do this you will feel that your abdominal muscles are getting tightened.

Release gradually and come to starting position. So repeat the same process again.repeat this exercise for 8 to 10 repetitions twice daily also.

Exercise no. 3

keep Lie down on the floor as earlier. Straighten your legs. Lift one leg up to 20 degrees and hold their for 5 to 7 seconds. Gradually bring it down. Do the same process in another leg.

Perform this exercise in alternate leg like left right left right this way.  And do this exercise in 10 repetitions twice daily.

Exercise no. 4

Again lie down on the floor as earlier. Bend your knees slightly. Lift both knees together up to 90 degree angle. Bring them vertical to the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Gradually brings your legs down.

Rivise this exercise in 10 reputations twice daily.

Diet In Reviving Umbilical Hernia :

Aside from exercises taking good diet also helps in reviving the condition of umbilical hernia. Diet plays an important role. you should incorporate protein and fiber more to your diet.

Because protein helps our muscles to recover fast. Fibers keeps the motion of intestine regular and boost our energy level. So you should keep fat low in your diet.

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