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Cataract Signs and Symptoms

cataract signs and symptoms

Find how to recognize cataract signs and symptoms in the easiest way. In today’s ultramodern lifestyle digital gadgets have become an important part of our life. We are surrounded by digital gadgets throughout the day. Digital devices like laptop, mobile, computer, etc have made our life easy. But the radiation coming out of these devices …

What is Prolapsed Disc (slip disc)- Cause,Symptoms

Prolapsed Disc

Slip Disc explained in the Simplest way. The cases of a herniated disc or slip disc are becoming very common these days. Similarly, many times we hear from someone that I have got a slipped disc or somebody say that my doctor has said that you have got a prolapsed disc. And we remain in the …

Household Thyroid Causes – An Eye Opener

thyroid causes

There are many things around us in our homes which can cause thyroid problem. And we generally are unaware of these things. These are the household thyroid causes. In today’s post, I am going to tell you that, there may be various things around you in your home which can increase the risk of having …

Silver Foil For Sweets – Real or Fake Check This Way

Silver Foil For Sweets

Deepavali the festival of lights is about to come in just few days. Everybody among us cannot miss the attractive display of sweets, and dry fruits in shops sweets shops. Sweets shops are beautifully decorated with sweets having silver foil for sweets and dry fruits. It is also known as silver leaf or chandi ka …

Zika Virus – symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

zika virus

Zika Virus – Everything you need to know. After the attack of Ebola virus, there is a new disease spreading around the world. Zika virus is so deadly to individuals that the World Health Organization has declared a Global Emergency on Zika Virus. The Zika virus has spread among many other American countries including Brazil …

Breast Self Examination – Life Saver in Cancer


Breast Self Examination – Important to detect Cancer early. Breast Self Examination is the need of every lady today. As off the instances of breast cancer are increasing day by day. Today we are revealing you how your breast can be tested at home and how to check your breast. Breast Self examination is a …

Ayurveda Cuts Heart Attack Risk in Diabetes

heart attack risk

What Research Says : Patients of diabetes need to take uncommon consideration of their wellbeing. This is on the grounds that patients with diabetes are in danger of numerous different ailments. Heart attack risk is one of these. Ayurvedic drug BGR-34 created by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)india, lessens the heart attack risk …

Dengue Fever : Causes, symptoms and Treatments

dengue fever

Everything about dengue: Symptoms, Remedies and Cure Dengue fever has spread its legs. In the beginning, this fever can be proven deadly by delay or wrong treatment. If there is a right treatment at the time, then circumstances remain in control. How and When It Occurs : Dengue is caused by biting the female Egyptian …

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