Breast Self Examination – Life Saver in Cancer

Breast Self Examination – Important to detect Cancer early.

"<yoastmarkBreast Self Examination is the need of every lady today. As off the instances of breast cancer are increasing day by day. Today we are revealing you how your breast can be tested at home and how to check your breast.

Breast Self examination is a screening technique in which women investigate lumps or other types of changes in their breast. Usually breast examination is done in the breast to detect tumors, cysts and other irregularities.

People believe that breast screening itself is beneficial for detecting breast cancer. Doctors believe that self-examination of the breast itself not only recognizes abnormalities, but also indicate about any disease at early stage. It does not detect serious diseases related to breast. Mammography (mammograms) and breast MRI need to be found to detect breast cancer.

The Purpose of Self Examination of the Breast :

Women’s breast is an important organ of the body. Therefore, women should periodically check their breast at home. So that lumps, cancer or other problems can be detected in the breast in time. There are many reasons for breast examination. Let’s know what is the purpose of checking the breast by itself.

Breast testing is done to detect early breast cancer. Detection of abnormalities in the breast, lactation in the breast, swelling and nipples, breast examination is done to detect secretion of fluid.

Some women’s breasts are slightly bigger than normal, but if you think that your breast is changing suddenly and irregularly, then it is a matter of concern. So you may need to check your breast.

Some women notice rashes on the breast nipple and the color of the nipple starts showing orange. Apart from this, the nipple gets bigger and have itching and rapid fluid secretion. Instead of ignoring them, by examining the breast in alone, it should be find out what can be the problem due to this.

The doctor should be consulted in case of breast problems, but before this, women should check their own breast at home once. The reason for this is that the abnormality that a woman can feel when she touches her breast, that doctor can not feel. Therefore, the breast should be self-examined first and if there is any serious abnormality or signs, then you should not be late in going to the doctor.

Breast self exam steps :

Breast Self Examination Step 1 :

Investigating your breast by self seem hard to many women. But  it can be done very easily at home. To do the test of the breast, first take the clothes off and stand in front of mirror in  a closed room and keep your arms straight on the hips. examine any changes in size or shape.

Breast Self Examination Step 2 :

First of all try to feel that you do not have some unusual experience by pressing your breast around with light hands. After this, test your breasts by making pressure on your breast with your hands. Look if the size and color of the breast is normal or not.

There is no swelling in the breast. Somewhere the size of the breast is not big due to inflammation. If the breast is suppressed then there is no pit in it. The breast itself does not shrink or it is not emerging as unusually high.
The shape of the nipple is not unusual, or the nipple is not growing unusually.

There is no redness pain or swelling on nipples or breast. How nodules are affecting the skin around the breast.

Breast Self Examination Step 3 :

Now lift one arm up to examine the breast. During this time, if there is any change in the breast, due to the nodules, there will be some changes in the skin around the breast. Aside this, it is very important to test the lower part of the breast as the change in the lower part is not generally seen. While pressing the breast on the side, check that the water, watery, milky, yellow or bloody fluid from both nipples is not coming out.

Self-Breast Examination Step 4 :

Lie down in the fourth step and check your breasts. After lying on the bed. Comfortably touch the left hand to the right breast and the right hand to the left hand and detect abnormalities. Run your fingers in your breasts by pushing your breasts down from the top, and try to realize what changes are happening in the breast. After this, move hands on one quarter of the breast in the circular motion.

Now from the top to the bottom and side by side, from collarbone to the top of the breast and below your armpit. Check the breasts properly by hand pressing. By checking the nipple in circular motion and touching it, check that there is no pain of any kind. Furthermore you also have to see that any tissue is not coming out of the nipple. When the breast is pressed the cells get out and the abnormalities can be easily detected.

Self-Breast Examination Step 5 :

Even after sitting or standing up, check your breasts once. Most women have their fingers slit when breasts are wet.

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