BEST Exercise for Asthma – Breathing Exercises

Best Exercise for Asthma – Learn How to Do it

exercise for asthma
exercise for asthma

Difficulty in breathing due to some infection or allergen in lungs is called asthma. In today’s article learn, how to do best exercise for asthma.

In asthma the lung tissues gets swellon up and causes narrowing of airway tube. Thus leading to difficulty in breathing also.

There may be increased production of mucus. Which blocks the air tubes making it difficult to breath easily. And swelling in air tubes makes it more difficult also.

Symptoms of Asthma :

1.Difficulty in breathing

2.Difficulty in breathing while sleeping at night

3.Frequent coughing at night

4. Difficulty in breathing as the weather changes

5. difficulty in breathing after coming in contact with specific fragrance

So if you suffer from any one of these symptoms then this article is definitely for you. so read this post till end.

Causes Of  Asthma :


Among the main reason’s behind asthma, air pollution comes first. But there is a very important factor which is mostly missed by the best doctors also.

Which is the weakness of lung muscles and more stress is given on medications and inhaler therapy only.

In general life routine apart from patients of asthma also. Those who do not do regular exercises like walk or any other light exercise.

Weakness of lung muscles is found more in those people.  So weakness of lung muscles is also a big reason behind asthma.


The reason for being weakness of these muscles is also this that the patients of asthma usually breath from mouth.

And in mouth breathing the cold and dry air when reaches and dry air when reaches in lungs. It makes the condition of asthma more worse.


Apart from these people having high blood pressure or kidney problems are also at risk for asthma due to poor body immunity.


Working in a dusty environment where they get exposed to dust particles daily. It may also cause the problem of asthma in long run.

Exercise For Asthma :

Today i will show you a magical exercise to cure asthma very fast. And in just 10-15 days your asthma will be cured 70-80%.

Apart from the medications and inhalers. If we improve the strength of lung muscles and lung function. Then not only we can get rid of medicines of asthma. But also get rid of reoccur of asthma with climate changes

Whether a small or big episode reoccurance of asthma. All can be prevented very easily.

Science has also proved that. Those who worked on increasing their lung performance. By doing regular breathing exercises. they have achieved 45% reduction in asthma medications. And complete removal of inhaler therapy

Today i am going to show you that. How you can improve lung strength by having a small device. Which costs only 5-10 $ in market. And doing regular respiratory exercises with it.

Its called respiratory exerciser or lung exerciser or three ball spirometer.

How to use it :

exercise for asthma
lung exerciser

Connect the mouth piece to the device first. Now place it at the exerciser at the level of heart and inhale with slight force.

The balls will go up as you increase the force. Start gently and try to inhale maximally.

As soon as you lung strength will improve. All the three balls will touch the ceiling.  Do it only 15-20 times in starting twice daily.

Take some rest for 5-10 min. Then turn the device downwards. and push the air in machine with a light force. Increase the force gradually.

And try to make these balls touch the ceiling again. Do it same way 15-20 times in starting. Then increase the counts as per your fatigue level.

So friend try this magical exercise. And and you will see difference changes in your asthma condition in just 10-15 days. And get rid of medication of asthma very fast.

These exercises are equally effective in adults and kids also.

So start this magical exercise gradually  and working after 2-3 month you can get rid of your asthma permanently

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